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Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Once your website has been expertly designed and developed, it will need a home in which to reside and function 24/7… We’ve reserved you a spot with us in the cloud. JWM Marketing provides robust, scalable, cloud-based hosting solutions. Our servers and services offer our clients the best value while meeting Fortune-500-level expectations for performance, scalability, security and protection.

Our servers provide our clients with the most bandwidth possible to prevent bottlenecks for expanding traffic.

Our hosting solutions can accommodate extreme fluctuations in traffic without slowing down performance, assuring 99.9% up-time! We provide on-site and off-site daily backups, mirrored and redundant servers, power backups, generator backups, fire suppressors and more. Our clients also have essential 24/7 access to dedicated technicians for emergency support… We monitor and support your website’s success with the best technical expertise and service available.

24/7 Support
We offer round the clock emergency technical support via our support ticket system and our dedicated support line.

99.9% Up-Time
Our scalable, flexible cloud-based web hosting service is extremely reliable, with greater than 99.9% up time, guaranteed!

Premium Security
Our hosted sites are protected from potential threats, like viruses and malware by an array of robust security services.

Daily Backups
Our hosted sites are backed up nightly and protected by multiple layers of version control and content safe-guards.

Cloud Hosting
Our virtual cloud servers are easily upgradeable and scalable for sites with extreme amounts of content or traffic.

Site Analytics
Site analytics and traffic reports are provided so you can make informed decisions for sales and marketing strategies.